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On Capitalism

On Capitalism

Axel & Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation
Utgiven 2010, 294 sidor
Editors: Kurt Almqvist & Alexander Linklater

What does the future of capitalism look like? Will the successfull variety of capitalism from the past few decades that we call globalisation continue or will regional and perhaps even strong national forces gain ground in economic matters? Who will be winners and who will be losers in the future capitalist game: Asia, the US, Europe? Or will regions without national agendas step up and form new centres of power? What are the real threats to global capitalism and what social problems do they create? Will there be not just enormous exonomic growth but also acute poverty and alienation in the wake of global capitalism? What sleeping forces will come to life when traditional patterns of living, culture and religion are challenged by this capitalist wave, what security problem will this development give rise to, and how will the absence of nations and objects of identification affect the identity and self-image of people in the future?

The texts stem from the Engelsberg Seminar, arranged by Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for public benefit.

Contributors: Gerard Baker, Erik Berglöf, Edward Chancellor, Rolf Ekéus, Kevin Hassett, Oliver Kamm, John Kay, Deirdre McCloskey, Philip Mirowski, Joel Mokyr, Geoff Mulgan, Wolfgang Münchau, Johan Norberg, Avner Offer, Minxin Pei, Carlota Perez, Emma Rotschild, Donald Sassoon, Nathan Shachar, Robert Skidelsky, David Ståhl, Donald Winch.

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