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Changes to Transatlantic Security

Seminar June 8 2015

Denna video är giltig från 2015-06-10 kl. 04:46 och tills vidare

The relationship between the United States, Sweden, Finland, and NATO is stronger than ever, and the partners are committed to taking on these challenges - new and old - together. Is the nature of transatlantic security cooperation changing? What are the most significant challenges facing NATO and its partners today and in the future?

Introduction by Mark Brzezinski, US Ambassador to Sweden.

Participant: Douglas Lute, US Ambassador to NATO

                 Mikael Antell, Head of Mission at Embassy of Finland to Sweden

                 Håkan Malmqvist, Swedens´s Ambassador to NATO

Moderator: PJ Anders Linder, ceo Axess Publishing


Production: Svenska Filmbolaget 2015