”Right-wing dominance is disturbing”

Wirtén is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the newspaper Arena, a member of the editorial board for the net publication Dagens Arena, and writes for the dailies Expressen and Sydsvenskan, among others. He believes that the development of the Arena Group has consistently been marked by a spontaneous system: "I cannot say why it’s been like this. It was not a well thought-out strategy, but is based more on chance and opportunities that we have seized on the wing.

"The newspaper Arena came into existence fifteen years ago, and then there was nothing else. There was no money, just losses. We quite simply needed more legs to stand on. For the newspaper to survive, we were forced to broaden our operations, and then we started our seminar work to bring in money, and we started the publishing house Atlas, in order to expand our way out of the crisis. Since then, things have grown, but there was never any grand plan from t...

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