”The European Commission is always afraid”

Halfway through the interview, Bolkestein turns directly to you readers. He says with a deep sigh that Swedes probably did the right thing to keep out of the euro: "You saw that large European countries did not adhere to the rules, and thought 'that's probably not for us'. I can certainly understand it." Bolkestein is disillusioned with the euro, with the crisis management, and with the European leadership. The Dutch politician was born in 1933, and knows painfully well what European divisions could mean. That's why he became a keen Europhile, and that is why he has worked hard to further European solidarity, as the leader of the Dutch Liberal Party (VVD) and then as the commissioner for the internal market in Brussels from 1999 to 2004. "The EU is something quite amazing," he says. "Peace has become a normal state, something that has never existed before in the history of Europe." But now he is afraid that the euro crisis is beginning to divide the continent,...

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