The simple response strategies

How one examines this, is as positive as it relates to the latter means, as it is boring with populist single-issue parties - especially when they may influence the balance of political power. At the same time, the Sweden Democrats should not be portrayed as more extreme and unique than they really are. Ultimately, it is the same kind of party as The Left Party. That is, one that gets its support primarily from people who feel an aversion for society, or who themselves have experienced some sort of deterioration in their lives. In both cases, they appeal to the discomfort associated with two factors in the development of late capitalism: increasing globalisation and the increasing speed with which everything is changing around us.

One may choose to be ironic about this, but nonetheless, there is reason to take such grievances seriously. Liberal society's tendency to see the value of resolution and self-realisation as today's ultimate goal and purpose s...

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