The Story as a Guide

It is said of Alexander the Great that he loved to read Homer; that he was inspired by the heroes of the siege of Troy, and particularly identified with the self-absorbed and disobliging hero, Achilles. Julius Caesar is said, in turn, to have studied Alexander's life. And Napoleon is said – if we allow ourselves a long leap into the future – during his childhood to have devoured all possible biographies of history's great heroes, with Alexander the Great and Caesar at the top of the list.

Idols and ideals have always been important to people, whether war heroes, conquerors or rulers. Not to mention the equally important religious figures who, ever since the dawn of time, have raised the question: how would Hercules / Moses / Jesus / Mohammed / Buddha / Shiva have acted in a similar situation? Or latter-day explorers and scientists. Tell me who your heroes are, and I'll tell you who you are – or at least who you want to be. Al...

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