When trust collapses

What is considered leftist politics has undergone a revolutionary change in the last twenty years. Where the emphasis was once on universal collective solidarity (resulting in a state with high taxes and general social security), focus has now shifted to individual identity as the basis of political mobilization. Identity may involve anything from sexual orientation to ethnic/religious belonging to having a particular disease, handicap or hobby. Perhaps this has become clearest in the women’s movement, where no one seems willing to call themselves a feminist in general anymore; instead, everyone is a particular kind of feminist. As Kajsa Ekis Ekman recently argued (Dagens Nyheter 7 March 2008), all feminists nowadays want to see themselves as belonging to a particular minority feminism. "Majority feminism" is said to conceal the fact (thus adding to the repression) that not all women are white, heterosexual, mothers, Westerners, middle class etc. An example of how thi...

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Bo Rothstein

Innehar August Röhss professur i statsvetenskap vid Göteborgs universitet.

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