Who remembers Wollter’s bloodthirsty friends?

That’s because Sven Wollter has long been active in the Communist Party, a party at the extreme left end of the spectrum whose microscopic voter support has no equivalent in the party’s grandiose ambitions. Their hope is to take up armed revolt; they believe that people with the wrong opinions and of the wrong class should be imprisoned and eliminated, that private property should be confiscated, and that dictatorship (more precisely, the dictatorship of the proletariat) should be introduced in Sweden.

The party platform states that the party “was born in the struggle against the corruption of Marxism and the castration of the revolutionary workers’ movement that was imposed by bourgeois powers in the leadership of Soviet Union’s Communist Party in the early 1960s.” Just to be safe, the view that Soviet Communism degenerated after the death of Stalin is spelt out further on in the platform, where the importance of the Party connecting to t...

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