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Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital


The art of good business

The explosive increase of prices in the art market is due to the fact that art, like gold, has a more lasting value than, say, shares. The difference is that nobody wants to discuss what the value of art is really based on.

Literature for sale

Due to the fact that there are now economists in charge of publishers, the balance between culture and capital has been disturbed in a way that is destructive both for cultural prosperity and long-term economic gain.

The price of good taste

The Italian pavilion at this year's Venice Biennale constituted a frontal assault on contemporary art. By eliminating the art world's now principal agent, the curator, the right-wing populist, Vittorio Sgarbi, showed that it is the price, expressed in money, which determines an artwork's value rather than its aesthetic qualities.

Packaging cultural history

Culture's core values risk being compromised when a scientifically trained museum director is replaced by a qualified administrative manager who wants to attract large audiences through the use of cultural policy documents and attractive packaging.