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NR 8 2009Theme: German dreams


DDR Diary

For a year, the author was a foreign lecturer at a university in East Germany. She got to experience the absurdity and cruelty of a totalitarian regime.

Myths of a divided country

The debate on German social development is still raging intensely without flagging. The events of 9 November 1989 and the questions of guilt and responsibility are far from resolved.

Wonder years in Berlin

It was not just Communism that fell with the Wall. The bell tolled too for the eccentric biotope of West Berlin and for the bohemian lifestyle cultivated there.

Reunification that did not unite

After the second world war, the Allies sat in judgement on the Germans. After the Berlin Wall fell, the West Germans acted the same way with their compatriots in the East. This German-German conflict will not be resolved in the foreseeable future.

Editor's Column

Who remembers Wollter's bloodthirsty friends?

A week or so ago, viewers of SVT, Swedish public television, could spend an entire evening with the actor Sven Wollter. He was the guest on This is Your Life, SVT's Saturday evening entertainment programme hosted by Ingvar Oldsberg. Given the recent debate about whether the media should make room for the far-right Sweden Democrats, it certainly seems odd that so few have reacted to Wollter's appearance in public.

NR 8 2009

Axess Magasin

Är en tidskrift inom området humaniora/samhällsvetenskap och utges av Axess Publishing AB. Tidskriftens målsättning är att fungera som en knutpunkt mellan den akademiska och den publicistiska sfären.


Chefredaktör: PJ Anders Linder
Redaktörer: David Andersson, Mats Wiklund, Jan Söderqvist.
Redaktionssekreterare: Katarina O’Nils Franke
Redaktionsråd: Peter Elmlund, Thomas Gür, Peter Luthersson, Nathan Shachar, Louise Belfrage
Ansvarig utgivare: Peter Elmlund


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