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No. 4 2012THEME: The power of the model


A Cautionary Example

Those who consider Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a role model ignore his authoritarian personality and despotic manners. These are values and attitudes that have little in common with respect and a sense of community.

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The Saints Show the Way

At all times we have been inspired and guided by deeds that fill our lives with a higher purpose. The veneration of saints still has an important role to play, in terms of people's need to be included in the large and meaningful context.

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The Story as a Guide

The importance of role models is often stressed in public discourse. But increasingly, role models have come to exist independently. Their ability to influence cannot be determined from above.

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Editor's Column

Role models and personal responsibility

"My intention is that of the Senate's decisions I merely wish to cite those that stand out for their nobleness or meanness; because I hold that a historian's main task is to ensure that competence is not forgotten and that the fear of posterity's judgment plagues all evil words and deeds."

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NR 4 2012

Axess Magasin

Är en tidskrift inom området humaniora/samhällsvetenskap och utges av Axess Publishing AB. Tidskriftens målsättning är att fungera som en knutpunkt mellan den akademiska och den publicistiska sfären.


Chefredaktör: PJ Anders Linder
Redaktörer: David Andersson, Mats Wiklund, Jan Söderqvist.
Redaktionssekreterare: Katarina O’Nils Franke
Redaktionsråd: Peter Elmlund, Thomas Gür, Peter Luthersson, Nathan Shachar, Louise Belfrage
Ansvarig utgivare: Peter Elmlund


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