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No. 7 2011THEME: Cultural Capital


The art of good business

The explosive increase of prices in the art market is due to the fact that art, like gold, has a more lasting value than, say, shares. The difference is that nobody wants to discuss what the value of art is really based on.

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Literature for sale

Due to the fact that there are now economists in charge of publishers, the balance between culture and capital has been disturbed in a way that is destructive both for cultural prosperity and long-term economic gain.

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The price of good taste

The Italian pavilion at this year's Venice Biennale constituted a frontal assault on contemporary art. By eliminating the art world's now principal agent, the curator, the right-wing populist, Vittorio Sgarbi, showed that it is the price, expressed in money, which determines an artwork's value rather than its aesthetic qualities.

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Packaging cultural history

Culture's core values risk being compromised when a scientifically trained museum director is replaced by a qualified administrative manager who wants to attract large audiences through the use of cultural policy documents and attractive packaging.

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Editor's Column

Art and Capital in the Same Boat

A self-sustaining ecosystem has been created, where art critics can only get access to the 'honey pots' by playing along and dismissing all critics as reactionary right-wing populists.

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NR 7 2011

Axess Magasin

Är en tidskrift inom området humaniora/samhällsvetenskap och utges av Axess Publishing AB. Tidskriftens målsättning är att fungera som en knutpunkt mellan den akademiska och den publicistiska sfären.


Chefredaktör: PJ Anders Linder
Redaktörer: David Andersson, Mats Wiklund, Jan Söderqvist.
Redaktionssekreterare: Katarina O’Nils Franke
Redaktionsråd: Peter Elmlund, Thomas Gür, Peter Luthersson, Nathan Shachar, Louise Belfrage
Ansvarig utgivare: Peter Elmlund


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