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No. 8 2011THEME: Virtue as a Bailout


A Lack of Standards Explains this Crisis

Standards are difficult to measure and change slowly. Therefore, virtues are rarely studied by social scientists. But to understand how different countries are dealing with the financial crisis, they are important to consider.

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Confucius or Capitalism?

The alloy of traditional Confucian and communist values ??has laid the foundation for China's explosive economic development. But it also acts as an obstacle to the country replacing the U.S. as an economic superpower.

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Editor's Column

When Old Virtues Come Back into Favour

That the proponents of conservative values have, in recent decades, experienced strong headwinds, is due to the state-regulated low interest rate policy that has encouraged citizens' consumption and borrowing, rather than the old virtues such as thrift and diligence.

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NR 8 2011

Axess Magasin

Är en tidskrift inom området humaniora/samhällsvetenskap och utges av Axess Publishing AB. Tidskriftens målsättning är att fungera som en knutpunkt mellan den akademiska och den publicistiska sfären.


Chefredaktör: PJ Anders Linder
Redaktörer: David Andersson, Mats Wiklund, Jan Söderqvist.
Redaktionssekreterare: Katarina O’Nils Franke
Redaktionsråd: Peter Elmlund, Thomas Gür, Peter Luthersson, Nathan Shachar, Louise Belfrage
Ansvarig utgivare: Peter Elmlund


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