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Ideological battlefields

Ideological battlefields


Domestic battles on foreign soil

As we in Sweden were losing our ideological battles abroad, it became clear that our sympathy was often simply a pose aimed at disguising a taking of ideological sides. Latin America is a classic example.

The paradoxes of the halal hippie

The debate about Islam is peculiar in many ways. Radical people support reactionary clergies, and the nationalist Sweden Democrats attack Islamists, with whom they actually have a great deal in common.

Brave new man

Swedish feminism's taking sides on the country's current Act Prohibiting the Purchase of Sexual Services is more about finely calibrating the Swedish middle class than improving the conditions of women sex workers.

Too good a story

For many, the religion of ecology has become an atheist substitute for good old-fashioned faith in God. If we do not get back to nature, we are doomed to destruction.