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The challenges of multiculturalism

The challenges of multiculturalism


When culture became ideology

Multiculturalism has changed the political fronts. It might seem like the Left defends respect for minority cultures, while the Right stands guard over the national culture. But in actuality, there is much that unites "culturalism" on the right and the left.

Both the right and the left are wrong

What is the reason Swedish integration policy has failed? "Structural racism", say some, while others argue it is because of immigrants' own culture and religion. This kind of assigning the blame does not foster reasonable debate.

Intolerance in the name of tolerance

Behind all their talk about human rights and the freedom of expression, Muslim countries are trying to criminalise the defamation of Islam. By using the UN, they are trying to spread the message that religions, not individuals, have rights.

Imagination is the enemy of tyranny

Before, the emphasis was on similarities. Nowadays, the stress is on differences in order to create greater understanding about other people's ways of life. But that leads to demands for special treatment because of a person's culture and traditions, which means that the rights of the group are placed above those of the individual.