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The new class society

The new class society


New characteristics of the class struggle

In Swedish politics, the right-left dimension has long been dominated by the issue of wealth distribution. But now that Social Democrats and the Conservatives have both moved toward the centre, questions about morals, culture and lifestyle are becoming increasingly important.

Class is in a person’s soul

People's perception of themselves is much more critical in determining their class than their occupation, place of residence or income. Class is a mental horizon conveyed to people by their environment.

Climbing the class ladder with books in tow

There are still workers hungering for education through the world of books. But not even the most well-intended cultural policy can show people the way to enlightening reading. Instead, they have to find it on their own.

Hierarchies rule us

It seems to be a law of nature to divide people into groups and identify status. All notions of class are derived from a ranking that is based on the desire to reproduce.