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NR 7 2012THEME: Sexual revolutions


Human Sexual Evolution

Our gender roles and sexual behaviour are largely a result of an evolutionary process that extends millions of years back in time. But this fact appears too rarely in the debate about gender equality and sexuality.

Same Old Victorianism

The 1970s' puritan-Left and the 1960s' sex-radical Liberals were united by the dream of the authentic human, and the conviction that she could completely be herself when society fundamentally changed.

Editor's Column

The Need for Sexual Taboos Seems Constant

Great efforts have always been made by the forces of law to control and regulate human sexuality. To some extent, these efforts are perceived as aspects of a more general attempt to discipline the population. But before we totally condemn this from a contemporary perspective, we should consider this discipline's opposite: a world where we satisfy every physical desire and where we do not value the ability to control and suppress immediate impulses and emotional outbursts.

NR 7 2012

Axess Magasin

Är en tidskrift inom området humaniora/samhällsvetenskap och utges av Axess Publishing AB. Tidskriftens målsättning är att fungera som en knutpunkt mellan den akademiska och den publicistiska sfären.


Chefredaktör: PJ Anders Linder
Redaktörer: David Andersson, Mats Wiklund, Jan Söderqvist.
Redaktionssekreterare: Katarina O’Nils Franke
Redaktionsråd: Peter Elmlund, Thomas Gür, Peter Luthersson, Nathan Shachar, Louise Belfrage
Ansvarig utgivare: Peter Elmlund


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