A Cautionary Example

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is currently one of the best attacking football players in the world. He is certainly not the best, as ecstatic Swedish football fans sometimes preach. But he certainly qualifies amongst the thirty major artists in all the world's arenas where the 'green field's chess' is played – and that is ‘big’, as Zlatan himself would say. Football is, after all, a gigantic sport, the best known across the world.

What Zlatan Ibrahimovic has done with his life is certainly an achievement! If we did not already know that, we were told so in David Lagercrantz’s book I Am ZlatanIbrahimovic: the international star had a career against all the odds. A socially stigmatised second-generation immigrant kid from Rosengard; the son of divorced, poorly integrated, poor parents from the disintegrating former Yugoslavia, who forced his way into the elite of a mentally and physically demanding sport &...

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