Crush hierarchies!

- I've resurrected my Swedish heritage (...). An identity reawakened in me, and I expressed it in a way that my family, my mother or my grandmother had never done. Mum is proud, mum is of course with me on this. Grandma is a bit more ambivalent. She has spent her entire life being a good farmer's wife in the (...) inland in northern Sweden so it sits a little harder inside. - And there she suppressed her Swedish origin, or?

- It could be said to have started with her parents, but my grandmother has come to the point where she has said: “yes but we are Swedes.”

- What a triumph! - Yes, it was actually there, but it was buried deep inside. (...)

- How were you regarded when you came out?

- I think there is a huge fear, that you will not be accepted. (...)

- What to do?

- Still more work. Even more are daring to go out and say: “but I'm Swedish. (...) I have absorbed so much of my heritage that I f...

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