Democracy on-line

The Internet has begun to live a life of its own. Bloggers have developed into a new people’s movement, and it is global. The change has been rapid. Bloggers are not an old phenomenon – the blog juggernaut first surfaced in the media in 1999. The next year, the number of bloggers increased significantly and in 2002 they began to play a role in political life in the US. Barak Obama is responsible for the real breakthrough for this method of communication in politics. During his 2008 presidential campaign, he gathered his supporters by mobile phone and on-line, established personal contact with them and won the election.

Across the world, there are bloggers who write about their everyday lives. This covers everything from trivial daily events to extreme fanaticism. Some call the Internet an untameable monster, where people take an interest in the most absurd things. There are certainly problems. The idea of the Internet was never that people should be free to downl...

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Lotta Gröning

Fil dr i historia och adjungerad lektor i statskunskap vid Linköpings universitet.

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