The New Death

In Swedish politics and administration, the economy is the highest priority and the benchmark for all activities. Everything that is done must be measurable; the qualitative reality falls away when budgeting. Values ??such as national defence capability, human rights, humanity and culture are placed lower on the scale, and subordinate to the economistic social ideology. When it comes to the important decisions, the ruling layer of society finds it safer to use manipulative methods. A classic example is when the Social Democratic leadership, before the vote on nuclear power in 1981, resorted to the deeply dishonest trick with Line 2 to split the No-vote. Another is the municipalisation of school, where Goran Persson played one teachers’ association off against the other, bribed with higher teacher salaries and leaned towards the Left Party; that the youth’s standard of education would suffer was of secondary importance, for economic considerations h...

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