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Feminism as a Trap for Women

Feminism as a Trap for Women


The Idiots’ Conspiracy

Through Marxism, Sartre wanted to create free human beings with political coercion. Those choosing to live otherwise continue to live under false structures. This hardly democratic idea has survived through gender studies, and is shared today by our politicians.

Men who hate men

Instead of dismantling structures, create new feminism. Feminist men occupy a dubious position, because their sex is considered to be the cause of injustice.

Middle class feminism without a compass

The national gender policy has accepted the Left's premise of structural oppression. Instead, the starting point should be the woman as an equal individual.

Thus Was Born Feminism

In the 1800s, financially independent Swedish women were equals with men. But, when the Social Democrats created a gender-separated labour market, women's economic dependence on men increased.