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Growing-pains in the higher education

Growing-pains in the higher education


Is There Something Explosive in Dr. Sloan’s Liniment?

Expanded college attendance has become the policy equivalent of Doctor Sloan's liniment, to relieve every conceivable social ailment and, in relation to the high costs and the even bigger expectations, this is astonishingly seldom discussed. Everyone likes more education - and the more education, the better. Or is it?

The Defence that We Need

In a time when the state of the outside world inspires increased anxiety, Sweden lacks a credible defence. But it is possible to do something about the shortcomings, writes Johan Wiktorin.

Students Must Be Able to Write

More and more college students have great difficulty expressing themselves in writing. It is a result of the teaching profession being devalued and the school system being more interested in assessment than knowledge.