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Home in Europe

Home in Europe


The most European country in Europe

When Per Olov Enquist came to Berlin in 1970, he moved to a foreign and unfamiliar world: "What was German was far from self-explanatory", he writes in his memoirs Ett annat liv. In the mental aftermath of the war, Berlin and Germany were still something almost non-existent to Swedes.

Sweden believes its own fantasies

When feelings ran high in the fight over Swedish membership in the European Community in the early 1990's, the EC-opponent Per Gahrton was not content to warn the Swedes of the community. He also warned the community of the Swedes.

The construction of power

The South Slavic part of my family reminds me of a steak tartar, one of those dishes that looks good on the plate, but nobody really knows what it contains. My father-in-law was a communist, a partisan under Tito, and later on a general. After the war, he belonged to the Yugoslavian nomenklatura.