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The taboo of beauty

The taboo of beauty


The Flight from Beauty

The disruptive, the transgressive and the disturbing are celebrated by the art of our time, with beauty often downgraded as something too sweet, too escapist and too far from realities to deserve our undeceived attention.

The Aftermath of the Avant-Garde

When the slicing of a cow is received as a significant work of art, something has gone very wrong. A change of climate is already on its way. This change, however, is initiated from places far beyond the large mass media.

Art’s return to passion

The Passionists are a group of artists that aim to explore basic existential questions and are also characterized by their meticulous craftsmanship. They are regarded as odd elements in an art climate where avant-garde has become the norm.

In Islamic culture, beauty is not taboo

In modern Western art, aesthetics is distinguished from ethics. The Islamic view of art, which resembles the older Western view, is completely different.