From postmodernism to postcolonialism

In all unimportant matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential. In all important matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential.
Oscar Wilde

I certainly do not wish to assert that Axess should renounce seriousness now that we are presenting the magazine in a new form. But one may nevertheless agree with Oscar Wilde in the quotation above: even as regards serious subjects the external style is vital. As, during the spring and summer, we have been developing a new layout, we have been governed by a desire to make it more accessible on several levels—in terms of both the immediate reader experience and external factors such as distribution, sales and marketing.

The fact that we have now reduced our format does not mean that the scope or the level of ambition has been reduced. On the contrary. As regards text, the magazine has become more extensive than before, and Axess also continues to retai...

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