Not all power is evil

The spirit of the times is suspicious of power. Forty years after 1968, the radicals of the West are inspired more by Michel Foucault than by Karl Marx. If Marxists wanted to capture power with the aim of establishing classless equality, today’s radicals prefer to abolish power as such. It is Power with a capital P that is seen as the threat to equality, because every exercise of power necessarily differentiates between those who decide and those who do not. If Marxists saw the taking of power as the means to realize their utopia, the abolition of Power is the actual utopia for post-Marxist radicals. Anything that can introduce differences between people or that requires individuals to adapt is opposed as an expression of the interests of dominant groups.

Marks in school are wrong, because they "label" weak pupils. Requiring Swedish language skills means "excluding" people born abroad from the labour market. Detaining criminal juveniles ...

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Per Bauhn

Professor i praktisk filosofi vid Linnéuniversitetet.

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