The evil legacy of the 1960s

In the last decade and particularly after 11 September 2001, the left in Sweden has revealed a new and somewhat surprising side. With increasing frequency, various leftist groups have become affiliated in campaigns and demonstrations with movements that represent highly reactionary ideas and regimes or embrace authoritarian and in many cases explicitly anti-Semitic tendencies. In July 2006, for instance, representatives of both the Swedish Left Party and Revolutionary Communist Youth took part in a demonstration for Hezbollah in Malmö, Sweden, where participants shouted "Death to Tel Aviv". Support for anti-Jewish terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah and the defence of regimes like Iran’s – and the earlier Saddam dictatorship in Iraq – against sanctions or criticism from the left have become permanent features in the actions of the Swedish left. Just as often, it is possible to observe leftist debaters call into question fundamental rights and...

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