The Welfare Apparatus and the Small World

Most of what is written on migration issues is based on general studies, as if the host country's culture does not matter.

We Swedes distinguish ourselves from most others in the way that we relate to the world; perhaps it is good to understand that when we discuss immigration issues. On a trip to India with 40 American architects, which was conducted at the American tempo, Sweden came up as a topic during one of the few moments of calm. I remember that I had just got blessed by a Hindu temple elephant and was therefore possibly feeling extra insightful since I, for once, had a comeback when Todd asked me:

- Peter, isn’t Sweden a great nation?

- No Todd, that's not correct. Sweden is not a nation at all. But, it's a great organisation.

I do not think that Todd was much the wiser after this. How do you explain to an American what Sweden is? On the surface, we are obviously extremely Americanised, but we differ fundamentally...

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