Tribalism damages Kenya

Suddenly, it was Kenya that was on fire. The ethnic cleansing was so utterly ruthless that a shocked world drew in its breath. Women and children from one ethnic group were burnt to death in a church. Outside stood a mob and "warriors" from another ethnic group armed with pangas and machetes and stopped any attempt to flee the flames. Neighbour drove off neighbour with fire and violence in villages and cities. The roads were closed off by barricades where people were stopped and killed if they had the wrong surname, that is, one that gave away their ethnic affiliation.

In a region where conflict and civil war have prevailed for decades, Kenya had symbolized stability, development and security. As it turns out, at least 1,500 people were killed because of their ethnicity and 600,000 were driven from their homes.

There was considerable surprise around the world. There was also some in Kenya as well; at the start of the conflict, young Kenyans told the world media that ...

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