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The modern clan society

The modern clan society


A story of revenge and blood

In southern Italy's mafia, the unrelenting logic of the vendetta still reigns supreme. But the principle of revenge and the idea behind it date back to the ancient Greeks.

Tribalism damages Kenya

Kenya, like other African countries, has undergone rapid urbanization. But many people experience greater loyalty to their ethnic group than to their nation.

The meaning of virtual life

The Internet has created new opportunities for bringing together with people common purposes. This can be seen to be threatening by the established media. Nonetheless, the differences between virtual and real communities should not be exaggerated.

When trust collapses

In order for society to work well, it is important that we can depend on public institutions and on our fellow citizens. With politics increasingly a question of identity conflicts, there is a risk that our trust in these will erode.

Violence for violence’s sake

What is it that makes young football hooligans turn to violence? It may be not because of hatred of others but because violence can have a euphoric effect.