Why Pinochet was so hated

He seems to me to exude self-righteousness almost like a sticky physical secretion, and the self-righteous are rarely attractive even when they are right.

Judge Garzon came to world prominence when he succeeded in having General Pinochet arrested in London on an international warrant. I am not in favour of universal jurisdiction for a number of reasons; but the arrest of Pinochet did help me to clarify something in my own mind. This was the question of why General Pinochet was so hated.

I can quite understand why victims of his repression hated him, of course, and the relatives and friends of those victims; there is no puzzle there. No, I mean all those people who hated him so passionately without any personal reason for doing so, and who had no particular connection to or with Chile. They might reply that they hated him because they hate repression everywhere, but that does not seem the answer. They do not hate dictators in anything like the proportion of the repres...

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