The Imprinted Role Models

“The picture looks worse than I had thought. Something must be done…and quickly. “

The government's national coordinator against sports-related crime, senior police officer Bjorn Eriksson, has not pulled any punches in his analysis and suggestions. Criminal infiltration and influence on sport, especially in big cities, is the grim reality nowadays. Something must be done, but the political interest to implement Eriksson's proposals or to understand the root of the problem has so far been nil.

No points of view get to mess with sport, perhaps.

The always-deft official, Bjorn Eriksson, presented his first interim report in April 2012, under the title Less Violence for the Money. In addition, some 30 ideas for clubs’, the police’s and prosecutors’ work included proposals for stricter laws on the prohibition of masks, refusal of access to venues and the establishment of national hooligan records...

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